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  1. Henry Brown

    I got package!!!!! woooo………
    thanks guys i love this product

    Martian Rocks Martian Rocks

  2. Ella m.

    So happy i finally got a legit vendor. will come in next time with bigger wholesale deals.
    thanks guys!!

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  3. Lot Gravy

    nice service. i will recommend you to my friends and come for a bigger order

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  4. Adrian

    Nice dealing with Elite online dispensary! you gave me what i wanted

    Grand daddy Purple Grand daddy Purple

  5. Brayden

    This stuff is the real deal.. Thanks for the order!!

    AK 47 AK 47

  6. Randy Jugs

    Great job! i love it being here.

    Chemdawg Chemdawg

  7. Charles

    Though it took longer than expected, i’m glad for the quality of the product i received.

    Kurupts Moonrock Kurupts Moonrock

  8. Hannah Anderson

    really nice day between the price and Quality of this brass knuckle. reliably speedy service, this is a must-buy. i recommend.

    710 Kingpen cartridge 710 Kingpen cartridge

  9. Sarah Kaiden

    Thanks for the delivery. I received my order!!

    Purple Haze Purple Haze

  10. Brett T.

    I did not get package on time but i love the quality and the delivery was discreet. nice deal! thanks

    Northern Lights Northern Lights

  11. Randy Jugs

    Good stuff you got here. will definitely order for more next week

    Trainwreck Trainwreck

  12. Tain Forth

    thanks for the great services and products though i got my package late

    Sour Diesel Sour Diesel

  13. Vincent K.

    after a long while been looking to get this product. been burned 4 times before seeing this website finally got what I wanted. it took a while but I got it.

    Death Star Death Star

  14. Steave

    thanks. nice product as always

    White Widow White Widow

  15. James

    Great Quality!!!!

    Durban Poison Durban Poison

  16. Roland mandy

    Thanks for the Delivery. I though i’m not going to get my product.

    Skywalker OG Brass Knuckles Skywalker OG Brass Knuckles

  17. Steave

    It smells real pleasantly sweet, tastes just as good, nice mellow draw, smooth on the throat. Fairly stiff high, Real fun creative urges, but has to be dosed. Nice product!

    Blueberry Kush Blueberry Kush

  18. james walters

    Pretty good cart with strong hits .

    Jack herer Kingpen Cartridge Jack herer Kingpen Cartridge

  19. Katemaree

    I Really do feel very uplifting and happy with this one. A very good party going strain for sure.
    Keep it up guys!!

    Amnesia Haze Amnesia Haze

  20. Alexander D.

    Got this along with some violator weed. The order came quick as always. 4 stars in not bad, 5 stars is for the best

    Forbidden Fruit Brass Knuckles Forbidden Fruit Brass Knuckles

  21. Amelia

    Great Experience. Thanks for my order

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

  22. Henry

    This was an awesome weed for the price, would buy again and recommend it!
    Please try it for yourselves. Ty Elite online Dispensary

    OG Kush OG Kush

  23. Albert

    Great deals. thanks

    Jack Herer Jack Herer

  24. Rose

    Thanks guys!!!! though i got it later than i expected…

    AK 47 dank Cartridge AK 47 dank Cartridge

  25. Sophia

    i really appreciate these company for their sincerity. after being ripped off so many times, i finally got my package……

    Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

  26. Johnny RJ

    I am very impressed, just receive my package.

    Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough

  27. Rose amain

    This got me off the chronic pain i had. i felt so relax and was very happy about it. can’t stop thanking elite online D.

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies