What is Hash and How You Can Buy Hash Online

In the wonderful world of weed, you’ll come across a lot of different types, forms, strains, and words for cannabis. And make no mistake, even though many of the terms for weed may sound similar, not all marijuana is made alike. In fact, there are some very strong differences when it comes to the type of strain you use and the effect it has on both your body and mind.

Aside from the difference in cannabinoid compounds that make up certain strains, the form the cannabis is in and the type of concentrate matters and will impact the experience you have when you consume it.

This brings us to hash. Hash is a different form of cannabis that comes with some unique properties and benefits due to its special makeup. As such, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when you buy hash online. Let’s hash it out and fill you in on this special form of cannabis!

What Is Hash?

Hash, which is short for hashish, is the resin that has been collected from a cannabis plant, either from Sativa or Indica strains. This particular cannabis concentrate is made by separating the trichomes, which are resin glands, that grow on top of female marijuana flowers and leaves.

These trichomes contain a large concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that are responsible for expressing certain properties and producing specific effects. Once the essential resin has been extracted from the plant, it is merged into one product using special pressure and heating techniques.

History of Hash

The Arabic word “hashish” translates to the word “grass”—and this reflects the origin and history of how hash came about. Early documentation of hash started in A.D. 900, although it is believed to have been popular before this time.

It debuted in Europe at the turn of the 19th century where extensive research was conducted on it. This led to the refinement of marijuana into medicinal use and when the 20th century came along, the initial research on hash led to the popularization of medicinal marijuana in the western world.

The Difference between Hash and Weed
You may be wondering at this point, if hash is from a marijuana plant, how is it different from weed? Well, weed comes from bud flower while hash, as mentioned previously, is bud resin. It has about 40 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) while traditional marijuana weed from bud flower has about 10 – 20 percent THC.

THC is a major cannabis compound that is psychoactive—meaning it can cause a “high” and a sense of euphoria. The higher concentration of the cannabinoid in hash translates to the production of stronger, more intense effects on users.

What Hash Looks Like

After a heating and pressing process, the resin that makes up hash is formed and dried into blocks. These blocks then produce an oily, solid cannabis substance. When you buy hash online or at a dispensary, you’ll notice a wide range in appearance between different hash products. From dark brown to dirty yellow, the color of hash can range depending on its type and where it’s been cultivated.

In terms of appearance, hash can hold a more shiny, dark complexion or appear lighter and more matte. Its texture can vary as well. Some hash will be more pliable like clay and other hash products might be dry and hard. Aside from its looks, you’ll also notice a pungent odor. On another note, you can also buy hash online in oil form. Hash oil is an extremely potent form of cannabis and often comes in a small bottle.

How to Use Hash

There are a variety of ways to take hash. It’s traditionally been consumed the oral way—in a food or beverage that’s infused with hash. Hash can also be smoked—either resin alone, or dusted on top of other bud flowers in devices like vaporizers, water bongs, or spliffs.

Additionally, some forms of hash are capable of being melted and used for dabbing. In this method, there is usually a screen that accompanies the hot surface that the hash is melted on and vaporized because certain resins may leave carbon residue.

Effects of Hash

Before you buy hash online, it is important to understand the concentrate’s impact. Because hash is one of the most potent forms of cannabis, users can experience considerable effects. The type of effects it produces depends on the strain or strains the hash is made from.

Different strains are made of unique combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids, and when the resin, or hash, is collected from cannabis plants, the concentration of these terpenes and cannabinoids makes the effects of using hash very potent.

If hash is made from a strain that is more dominant in Indica, it will produce a greater body high. On the other hand, hash made from Sativa-dominant strains might create a cerebral high for the user. Or a combination of both body and cerebral high might ensue if you buy hash that’s made from Hybrid strains. Hash can be felt fairly quickly after ingesting due to its high potency. As for duration, typically, the high will last up to an hour, but it does depend on the amount and tolerance a person has.

How to Make Hash

As an alternative to buying hash online, you can make your own hash product. There are various methods in which hash is made:

how to buy hash online


Using a weed grinder, collect kief, which is the resin glands that contain terpenes and cannabinoids, that will be used to form hash blocks. Use a special press to create a hash block out of the kief you collected.

The simplest way is hand rolling. To roll hash, take non-dried buds and gently roll them between the palms of your hands. After about 15 minutes, a thick, dark layer of trichome resin will accumulate on the inside of the palms. Scrape the residue off the palms with a hard, straight object, such as a ruler, and form into a ball or in the shape of a joint, so it can be placed in a joint or blunt to smoke.

Pressed Kief:

Using a weed grinder, collect kief, which is the resin glands that contain terpenes and cannabinoids, that will be used to form hash blocks. Use a special press to create a hash block out of the kief you collected.

If you don’t have a hash press, you can wrap kief into cellophane, then wrap this into a bundle of wet newspapers and place it into the oven at 160°C. Take out the package after 10 minutes, unwrap the package, then press and spread the kief using a rolling pin. Repeat this wrapping, oven, pressing and rolling procedure two more times, then let the hash cool in the refrigerator.

How to Buy Hash Online

While making hash may be a good DIY project, it can be much more convenient and easy to buy hash online. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, residents can enjoy the many benefits of marijuana by ordering it right to their doorstep.

Shop online at marijuana dispensaries like Elite Online Dispensary to find out exactly what type of hash to expect. When you buy hash online via Elite Online Dispensary, you’ll find popular varieties including:

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