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  1. Ecca rose

    Thanks very much guys!
    I received my package and i love the quality. Will definitely come back for bigger deals

    Ancient OG Dank Cartridge Ancient OG Dank Cartridge

  2. Amanda Julian

    I got my order. Thanks for delivery.
    I recommend Elite online dispensary to all out there. They are the best…

    Banana Kush Banana Kush

  3. Henry Brown

    I got package!!!!! woooo………
    thanks guys i love this product

    Martian Rocks Martian Rocks

  4. Susan decha D.

    I love the sweet and earthy flavor of this stuff. It is actually the best i have taken so far.
    Happy for the deal i had with you.

    Wedding Cake Wedding Cake

  5. Anderson K.

  6. Graham Allen

    Thanks Elite online dispensary. I finally got a legit place to get my stuff. I enjoyed it!!!!!

    Cannabis Fudge Brownie Bites Cannabis Fudge Brownie Bites

  7. Donald G.

    I got my package after 3 days from the expected date. Nevertheless, thanks for being real

    Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil

  8. Alex Vvenrandy

    I love this shit. It’s so potent.

    Kurupts Moonrock Kurupts Moonrock

  9. Jons pearl

    I love this flavor. thanks for my order

    Gelato Kingpen cartridge Gelato Kingpen cartridge

  10. Rose M

    great quality. thanks Elite Online diapensary

    Banana OG Dank Cartridge Banana OG Dank Cartridge

  11. Divil Romeo

    Thanks a lot Robert. i received the package!

    Birthday Cake Dank Cartridge Birthday Cake Dank Cartridge

  12. Katemaree

    Hey Robert. thanks for the delivery. love your service and it is so professional. will be ordering more from you

    Forbidden Fruit Brass Knuckles Forbidden Fruit Brass Knuckles

  13. Micheal JC

    I’ve been with Elite online dispensary for years now and I can say it’s always the highest quality and best price. I love ordering from them.

    Blue Dream Brass Knuckles Blue Dream Brass Knuckles

  14. Lary Marcus

    I will always make my purchases from Elite online dispensary. you are the best i’ve had a deal with since i started purchasing online. keep it up and prepare my discount for next deal because i will come in for a bigger order

    Platinum OG Platinum OG

  15. Swyryda wilson

    hey guys! i have tested you Sunset Sherbet and i love the flavor just that it was not as sweet as the once i had in the past. nevertheless, thanks for being Honest

    Sunset Sherbet Sunset Sherbet

  16. Maryana Abel

    Thanks Robert, i got the package safe and secured

    Death Star Death Star

  17. Ella m.

    So happy i finally got a legit vendor. will come in next time with bigger wholesale deals.
    thanks guys!!

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  18. Lewen

    Good stuff but shipping took extra 2 days.

    Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough

  19. Lot Gravy

    nice service. i will recommend you to my friends and come for a bigger order

    Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies

  20. Ethan

    Great delivery service and so fast….
    just got my stuff! I will recommend you to my friends.

    AK 47 dank Cartridge AK 47 dank Cartridge

  21. Adrian

    Nice dealing with Elite online dispensary! you gave me what i wanted

    Grand daddy Purple Grand daddy Purple

  22. Brayden

    This stuff is the real deal.. Thanks for the order!!

    AK 47 AK 47

  23. Randy Jugs

    Great job! i love it being here.

    Chemdawg Chemdawg

  24. Charles

    Though it took longer than expected, i’m glad for the quality of the product i received.

    Kurupts Moonrock Kurupts Moonrock

  25. Maxsim

    One of my favorites buds, nice taste, nice price. and not forgetting the top quality.

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

  26. Brett Thovarain

    best quality i’ve ever tested. very potent will bring my friends for more purchases

    White Widow White Widow

  27. Hannah Anderson

    really nice day between the price and Quality of this brass knuckle. reliably speedy service, this is a must-buy. i recommend.

    710 Kingpen cartridge 710 Kingpen cartridge

  28. William author

    At First i thought it was a rip off.
    i Appreciate you guys for being honest. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

    AK 47 dank Cartridge AK 47 dank Cartridge

  29. Christian Lewis

    I love your services. Delivery was so fast.
    100% top Quality of your MK Ultra… thanks

    MK Ultra MK Ultra

  30. edric Menard

    Best flavor ever!!! coming back for more.

    Blue Dream Blue Dream

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